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      The milk ranch and the stock were unhurt, and there were not even any Indian signs. It was simply another example, on the milkman's part, of the perfection to which the imagination of the frontier settler could be cultivated.Following farmer boys? What in the world for?

      Sandy had lost his suspicious look. His interest, as much as that of his older chums, was caught and chained by the coming possibilities and he put down the letter to listen to Jeff.

      I remember that, too, Larry said.THE END OF THE '45. (After the Painting by John Pettie, R.A., by permission of the late Captain Hill.)

      He passed forward, through Sandy, a note.

      We might as well tell you, Sandy, now that its all off, Dick said. We were going to give you another presenta hop over your own house in Flatbushwith Larry for pilot! But


      That night an alarm of fire, red glow, yellow and red flames, and suffocating smoke, terrified everyone.Sandy and Dick, standing by the airplane on the beach, whirled to see a short, stoutish man in regulation flying togs come unexpectedly into view from behind an inshore hillock of sand.


      Had it been all arranged, planned, and rehearsed for months beforehand, the action could not have been more united. They crowded past him out of the door and ran for the corrals, and each dragged a horse or a mule from the stalls, flinging on a halter or rope or bridle, whatever came to hand, from the walls of the harness room.


      He laughed crossly. Evidently he was dropping back into the poetical tendencies of his most callow youth. He would be doing her a sonnet next, forsooth. He had done two or three of them in his school days for Sydney damsels. That was when he had aspired to be ranked in his own country with Gordon. Good Lord! how many aspirations of various sorts he had had. And he was a cow-boy.When Jeff flew us there, the first time, there seemed to be somebody in that hangar when we started in, Dick added to Sandys idea.