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      In an agony of terror Pauline sprang out of the carriage and implored him to tell her the worst, for she could bear it.Such brilliant assemblies are not to be seen in these days. Not only the great political and social personages, but all the celebrated literary and scientific men, poets, painters, composers, musicians, and actors, were to be found there, and the music was the best to be heard in Paris.

      This morning, at Peshawur, down come the police on my houseboatthree of themand their leader explains matters. Abibulla interprets.

      In that tranquil atmosphere Isola used to dream of her absent husband and of that mystical world of the East which seemed made up of dreamsthe world of Brahma and Buddha, of jewel-bedecked Rajahs and Palace-tombsworld of beauty and of terror; of tropical forests, tigers, orchids, serpents, elephants, Thugs.

      When Fritz was seven years of age, he was taken from the care of his female teachers and placed under tutors who had been carefully selected for him. They were all military officers who had won renown on fields of blood. The first of these was M. Duhan, a French gentleman of good birth and acquirements. He was but thirty years of age. By his accomplishments he won the esteem, and by his amiability the love, of his pupil. Count Finkenstein, the second, was a veteran general, sixty years old, who also secured the affections of little Fritz. Colonel Kalkstein was twenty-eight years of age. He was a thorough soldier and a man of honor. For forty years, until his death, he retained the regards of his pupil, who was ever accustomed to speak of him as my master Kalkstein. In the education of the young32 prince every thing was conducted in accordance with the most inflexible routine. From the minute directions given to the teachers in a document drawn up by the father, bunglingly expressed and wretchedly spelled, we cull out the following:




      The flyman shut the door, which nobody but himself could shutanother peculiarity of hired broughams. The fly vanished in the darkness, and Tabitha ran back to the house, where she found Susan waiting at the hall door in her jacket and hat, as near a reproduction of Mrs. Disney's jacket and hat as local circumstancesor the difference between Bond Street and Lostwithielwould allow.