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      "I know you have, for I've been watching that Corporal of yours. I know him of old. I've played cards too often with Shorty not to keep my eye on him whenever he is around. I saw through that gun-lock trick."

      "You take your hands off that boy, or I'll make you, Si Klegg," said Shorty hotly. "I won't see you imposin' on somebody's that's smaller'n you."The boys shuddered at the doleful picture.

      MRS. BRANDON: Slaves? Like in the olden times?"Indeed you won't," said Shorty, under his breath.

      As the first hints of the truth about Fruyling's World emerge, the tension becomes unbearableto be resolved only in the shattering climax of this fast-paced, thought-provoking story of one of today's most original young writers.

      "Come along, Mrs. Blagdon," she called, and with the baby still in her arms, she sped down the cinder track to the pumping station, and then along the line of freight cars until she recognized her father's face looking from the caboose, which was still beyond the bridge. She shouted joyously at him.Have you never heard of the Confederation impounding records? Or these memos, for instance?


      "I've bin mighty hungry in my time," said he, "but I never got quite so low down as to eat anything with a tail like a rat. That'd turn my stummick if I was famishin'."


      The rebel looked on wonderingly.


      "I belong to the 200th Ind."He stopped. He was not so far gone as to forget that any thought of Maria was very inappropriate to his present condition. He started to blustering at the boys who were carrying in guns: