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      He would have dashed off to Belfayre then and there, but he could not leave his mother; and he did the next best thing to goingsat down and wrote a letter to Traffordthe letter of a close and dear friendand adding that the moment he could leave his mother he would hasten to Belfayre on the chance of being some use. He sent his love to Esmeralda, and his kind regards to Lilias. Then he posted his letter with his own hands, and returned to his mothers bedside to mourn; for the duke had always been very good to him, and he loved the old man.He walked from the station to Deepdale and rang the bell. No one came immediately, and the door being open, he walked into the little hall. As he did so, he heard a faint cry of amazement, andas it seemed to him, horrorand turning sharply, saw, through the door of the drawing-room, Lady Wyndover standing looking at him with white face and startled eyes, as if she had sprung up at the sound of his footsteps.

      Anna trembled. She could lovingly call the fond schemer, over and over, a brave, rash, generous little heroine and lay caresses on her twice and again, but to know whether this was Heaven's leading was beyond her. She paced the room. She clasped her brow. A full half of her own great purpose (great to her at least) seemed all at once as good as achieved, yet it was but the second half, as useless without the first as half a bridge on the far side of the flood. "I cannot go!" she moaned. For the first half was Hilary, and he--she saw it without asking--was on this cartel of exchange.

      He spoke excitedly, for Esmeraldas presence filled him with joy. He had no idea that anything was wrong.Look, he said, pointing to a bear-skin couch, you can rest here in safety; you must be weary. May the gods grant you pleasant dreamsin the morning everything will seem brighter.

      "Mighty little I espec's, O, my ladies--""A thing that takes more courage than I've got."

      As the rearmost ship was passing the house Anna, her comeliness restored, half rose from her bed, where Miranda stood trying to keep her. From all the far side of the house remotely sounded the smart tramp and shuffle of servants clearing away wreckage, and the din of their makeshift repairs. She was "all right again," she said as she sat, but the abstraction of her eyes and the harkening droop of her head showed that inwardly she still saw and heard the death-struck boy.

      To-morrow night! he said, grimly. I must ride to Wally-Wally.It is for you to decide, he said.


      If so, she will come back presently, said Esmeralda. And if she does, are you going to take the advice I gave you this morning and tell her that, though you are only a pauper, as you call it, and youve no money, youve grit enough to ask her to be your wife?Had they also caught the sound?


      Well, I think it would, he said, candidly. With Trafford for a husband and everybody loving youhe colored and stammered as a man does when he speaks of love.


      "No," laughed Kincaid, "there's no call for you to be so sticky as all that." The horsemen mounted.I thought you were looking thinner andand, well, not as you usually look.