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      "Yum-yum!" murmured Shorty, gloating over the viands.The rebel did not seem at all averse to the trial and squared off at him. Then Shorty saw the belligerent attitude and yelled:

      will fetch her quicker and surer than anything else. Like

      "The ring's no end

      He became so absorbed in the feast of his eyes that he did not observe that a middle-aged, clean shaven man in a suit of dusty black had sat down beside him, and was studying him with attention.

      Deacon Klegg and the Knight of The Golden Circle.Si returned after a brief absence, with an auger which he had borrowed from the driver of an ammunition wagon.


      "You stay at your club then?"


      His Honor was now thoroughly interested in Pen's story. Even Assistant-District-Attorney Hackett had lost a good deal of his scornful air. The judge said: