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      Over two millions, murmured Mr. Pinchook, with bland satisfaction. The amount, it is scarcely necessary to say, was not realized by Esmeralda. She drew a long breath, and looked at Varley Howard with a smile.For the present, he said. If you knew me you would realize how bitterly you make me suffer.

      Esmeralda thought of The Rosebuds eulogies, and said, absently:

      Traffords health was drunk about fifty times, and he sat patiently smiling and waiting. He had gone through it all extremely well, and had earned the encomiums of the men, who declared that he had played the part like a hero.

      As Trafford went down-stairs there was a mist before his eyes, and they must have been still moist when he entered the drawing-room, for Lilias looked up at him anxiously, and drew her skirt aside that he might share the lounge with her.




      Thats all very well, said Bill, shaking his head gravely; but whos to take the responsibility? She cant belong to all of yer!