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      Chapter 11

      At that moment there was a sound of "git back" and "woa" beyond the hedge. The next minute two horses stepped into the Glotten just by the bend.

      "Sh-shd?an't you go asking ork'ard questions.""They're putting up the fencesworkmen from Tonbridgefences down by Socknersh."

      Then suddenly he saw something white moving in the darkness. It was coming towards him. It was his mother's apron.Marvor sat up suddenly. Around them the others muttered and stirred. "Does the plant grow when a master tells it?" he asked. "Does the tree bud when a master tells it? So we must also grow in our own way."


      They went onthat is to say Rose leaned back in her chair and directed Caro as she took the things out of the trunks. The girl was fairly bewildered by what she sawthe laced chemises, the flounced petticoats, the dainty nightgowns with transparent necks. "But you'll show through," she said in tones of horror as she displayed one of these, and could not understand why Rose rolled in her chair with laughter."Well, I gave up all the sweet things of life, as you call 'emand why shudn't they?"


      Only Si and Shorty, in dropping, had kept the lay of the ground in view, and without rising they deliberately aimed their pieces whither the volley had come and fired. A suppressed yell of pain came from the other side.


      "I'm afraid not. Of course, one can never speak with absolute certainty even in a case like this. But" and the doctor wasted some medical technicalities on Reuben.And who were the slaves?