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      "There's a hl's mint of deviling, tormenting rebel cavalry out there beyond the hills," they called out to the regiment. "drop onto 'em, and mash 'em. We'll be out there to help, if you need it."'if You Don't Skip out O' Here This Minute I'll Bust Your Head As I Would a Punkin.' 264

      "They didn't think they were digging their own graves," philosophized Monty Scruggs, as he stood shovel in hand watching the remains being gathered into the trench.

      "No, no," said Sandy Baker, desperately. "It's just that blame fool Pete. Come on! Come on! We've got to. We were ordered to. Le's make a rush for it, like the men in the Indian stories done when they was sent for water."

      It was too bad Norma didn't know that.



      "Never mind, Shorty," said the Deacon, pityingly; "I'll manage to find you something that'll be better for you than that stuff."