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      "This story," remarked the Earl of Oxford, "requires proof as much as any thing else."

      Anne was not so disposed to forgiveshe had her brother's score as well as her husband's to settle, and concealed from no one that she thought her father-in-law a brutal and conscienceless old slave-driver whose success was a slur on the methods of Providence. She refused to accompany Richard on his first visit to Odiam, but spent the afternoon at Flightshot, while he tramped with Reuben over the land that had once been so hateful to him."I don't think so."

      "Why," replied Holgrave, imagining the exclamation addressed to him, "I suppose he has left the Essex men to try what can be done among the bondmen!"Have pity, my true love, have pity on me!


      Chapter 4"Hush."


      "Oh, you liddle thing!""Good heavens! I must go. Bless you, Margaret!bless you! I will see you again soon! May God keep ye both!" Gently laying down the still sleeping babe, he tore himself from the arms of his weeping wife, and rushed down the stairs.


      "You need not trouble yourself," replied Holgrave: "what I want to do I can do myself."Dr. Espinette from Rye stood glumly by Harry's bed. His finger lay on the fluttering pulse, and his eye studied the little of the sick man's face that could be seen between its bandages.